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250 Dermestid Beetles

250 Dermestid Beetles
Product Information

Due to Cold Weather in either our area or yours Beetle shipments may be delayed until weather is expected to be at least 20 degree's at both locations (ours and yours).  They are shipped air mail, but must ride in a cold truck to the sorting centers.   

Notice:  Due to the busy skull cleaning time of year our beetle shipments may be delayed up to 2 weeks on small orders and 3 weeks on large orders.  Please order earily. (Aug - December) 

Dermestid Beetles are from a healthy colony of beetles that I have.  Guaranteed, no Mites or other fly larva.  - It is vitally important that you buy from someone that can guarantee this.  Mites are a bad deal to a beetle colony, they will kill an entire colony, and are most of the time irremovable once they have entered a colony.  These are usually common in colonies that are kept too moist. 

We keep several separate colonies at a time to ensure that we always have healthy bugs. 

I can ship beetles year round making some adjustments for time of year and places to be shipped.  I have a guarantee that you will receive your shipment alive or I will reship them free of charge, Sorry no refunds if your beetles arive dead.  We reserve the right to reship you beetles.  

Shipping.  I ship with USPS Priority Mail, average delivery time is 2-3 days anywhere in the lower 48 states.  In the winter I will add a heat pack, or package in styrofoam packing peanuts to help guard against freezing.  Instructions on the box is to be held at your postoffice.  You will be emailed when shipment has left - Usually on Mondays and Tuesdays so packages arive before the weekend.  When you receive your email please plan to be at your post office 2-3 days later.  We have had alot of beetles killed when they are left at a mail box in the winter, or in the trunk of a delivery drivers car so this is how we guard against that.. 

Sold per 250 beetles and Larve in all age classes.

 You should start with at least 2000 beetles to clean a deer skull in a 3-5 days time, they will double there numbers in about 3-4 weeks. 

A Colony of 250 beetles will be sufficiant to start a colony.  Please expect it to take 1-2 months for your colony to grow large enough to cleaning a deer sized skull in a few days.  You will need to start with smaller skulls and bones or fresh meat.  More info in instuctions. 

After about a month your colony with have grown and they will clean a deer skull in about 1-3 days.

If you are going jump right in and want to clean skulls fast you will need 2000-3000 beetles.  This can take several months to achieve if you start with a smaller colony. 

Also Included with purchase:  We will email you an Informational document of Care and feeding Beetles, Cleaning skulls, Recommendations for keeping them contained.  If you don't receive this email within a few days please email us at and we will send them to you so you will be prepared. 

 Backordered due to season starting.  Orders proccessed now will not be shipped until November to December. 

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Dermistid Bettles
"Extremely Helpful! I'm interested in starting the business. Thanks for the info."
Mar 02 2010, 15:19 PMby Mike Snow